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The Swimming Pool Design You've Been Dreaming About

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Our Designer's goal is listen to your vision and design the very best swimming pool possible.

One-of-a-kind Swimming Pool Designs

We are not a boring, cookie-cutter pool company. We create gorgeous designs with construction plans and equipment recommendations.

Virtual Swimming Pool Design

Starting at $1000

In-Person Swimming Pool Design

Starting at $1500

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Client may be required to provide additional documentation, measurements, photos, etc. to support the virtual design process.

1. Virtual designs are great for clients who want to dream or plan a future project in stages.
2. May be used to collect estimates from local contractor’s ballpark figures.
3. Some projects may not qualify for virtual design process. Or owner assumes risk of error.

Landscaping Add on

Starting at $350

Spa Add on

Starting at $250

Professional measurements taken of property and work areas by a trained associate. On site photos for design references.

1. For clients actively seeking to install their desired project soon.
2. Accurate Designs for accurate estimates from local contractors.
3. In person designs in select areas only. Or with additional travel costs.

Landscaping Add on

Starting at $500

Spa Add on

Starting at $250

All Designs Include:

1. A 3D Video Walk-through.
2. Up to 10 3D Concept Photos.
3. Up to 3 Design Pages.
4. Materials Suggestions.
5. Custom Plant List and Plant Presentation.
6. Designs for Existing and New Hardscapes Areas.
7. A Clear Definition of Your Property Lines.

Our Design Process:

1. We'll begin with a phone or online interview.
2. Share your Project Inspiration with your Designer.
3. We will then create your Design Profile.
4. Next, we will provide your Initial Renderings and Design Draft.
5. We offer two FREE Revisions if needed.
6. Finally, we'll deliver your Final Design Concept.

The Serenity Design Process

Our process includes a 3D visualization of your swimming pool. These visualizations allow you to be immersed in the design process and ensure you get precisely the swimming pool you want.

Watch our video to see how this process works for you.

Our Design Portfolio

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Serenity Designs can help you bring your vision to reality. We offer comprehensive landscaping, swimming pool, and full-backyard design services. If you would like to speak with us, book your design consultation* today.

*Reminder we charge a minimum of $250 for a Design Consultation. The Design Consultation Fee will be credited toward your design fee if you choose Serenity Designs.