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Custom Landscape Design

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Custom Landscape Design

Starting at $1500

Our Designer's objective is to help you create the yard of your dreams! Whether in person or virtually, we will listen to your goals and utilize our years of expertise to create the ideal yard.

All Designs Include:

  1. A Landscape Design.
  2. Up to 3 Design Pages.
  3. A 3D Video Walk-through.
  4. Up to 10 3D Concept Photos.
  5. Materials Suggestions.
  6. Custom Plant List and Plant Presentation.
  7. Designs for Existing and New Hardscapes Areas.
  8. A Clear Definition of Your Property Lines.

The Serenity Design Process

1. We Begin With a Phone or Online Interview
2. Then You'll Share Your Project Inspiration with Your Designer.
3. We'll Stop by to Professionally Measure Your Yard.

4. Then We'll Create Your Design Profile, Initial Rendering, and Design Draft.
5. We Offer Our Customers Two FREE Revision If Needed.
6. Finally, We'll Deliver Your Final Design Concept.

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